What to do when someone dies

We know its difficult when a loved one passes away, but the next step doesn't have to be.
Dealing with a death and funeral arrangements can be overwhelming and daunting to say the least. Whether you need advice, support or financial assistance, our dedicated team are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days per week to take your call. Please see below some useful advice to help you make that important step forward.
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When a death occurs at home.

  • If your loved one has passed away at a home residence, you must call the General Practitioner (GP) to the deceased to certify the cause of death and issue a medical certificate. If your loved one has passed away in residential care, the care staff will normally take care of this on your behalf.
  • Once the death has been certified by a Doctor or Nurse, we can bring your loved one into the care of our funeral home. This is normally done within 90 minutes of the initial contact. If your loved one is brought into our care outside of working hours, our team will contact you after 9am the following day.
  • Once your loved one is resting in the care of our funeral home, we will get in touch to arrange an appointment to discuss funeral arrangements at a date, time and location to suit you.

When a death occurs suddenly.

  • In the event of a sudden or unexpected death, or if your loved one hasn’t been seen by a Doctor within 14 days prior to their passing - then the coroner will be notified. Having a sudden death does not stop you from contacting us and seeking advice. We will guide you through the process.
  • Contact the paramedics who will arrive to verify the death. If necessary, the police will be called to attend the address (this is standard procedure).
  • A dedicated team will convey your loved one to a Coroners Mortuary. There, the Coroner will carry out investigations to find the cause of death. Once the Coroner has completed the investigation they will send confirmation to us and we can then bring your loved one into our care
  • This process can cause delays - which is natural and no cause for panic. We will be on hand to guide you through the process and organise any funeral arrangements necessary. You will be kept updated of all decisions and changes made at all times.

When a death occurs at hospital

  • Should your loved one pass away in hospital, the doctors will issue the medical certificate, formal notice and any additional paperwork required.
  • We will liaise with the hospital's Bereavement Office on your behalf to collect your loved one and bring them into our care.
  • Once the medical certificate has been issued and collected, you will need to contact the Registrar to make an appointment in the district the death occurred to register the death.